Hello and Welcome to...

Dr. Mandi's Integrative Pediatrics LLC.


Dr.Mandi is retiring 12/31/19 and she owes her patients many thanks for the wonderful stories shared over the years and the lessons learned. My staff and me wish you a healthy start to your New Year!


This is a novel pediatric clinic that offers an alternative to standard medical practice. It is a micro-practice that has been emerging in different parts of the country in recent years. It is a practice created by word of mouth, and one that values health maintenance and disease prevention. The focus is on having parents engaged and involved in their child’s healthcare. It is about creating relationships with families and the physician.

There is no sense of hurriedness or rush here. There are no long lines or wait times. Dr. Mandi will sit down with you and listen to you. If there are difficult and varied medical decisions, she will explain all the available options to you, so that you can make an informed decision regarding your child.

The focus is a holistic approach to preventative medicine, nutrition and healing. Majority of the well check visits in the initial years are discussions relating to a child’s nutrition and development. How can we heal ourselves through nutrition and lead a healthy life style? Can we make time to listen to each other, to be engaged and take time to slow down and listen to our bodies?


To learn more about the clinic, please browse through the website. If you feel that this clinic will be a good fit for your family, feel free to call us, so we can set a time to get acquainted.

Same Day Appointments Available!