How our Practice Works

Partly by choice and partly by design. Our practice is run efficiently, which is attributed to patients mostly. When you schedule an appointment, that time is dedicated to taking careĀ of your child, thus we can enjoy our visit together. Our patients respect our time and help us operate efficiently, leaving more time for us to spend with our patients. This includes showing up on time, not forgetting appointments, paying bills promptly and thus limiting the amount of work we need to do outside of the examination room. This also entails flexibility with appointment times, so children can be added urgently to the schedule when they get sick. If you would like more than one child to be seen on the same day, we will try our best to accommodate you. Please be aware that this may require an additional co-pay/deductible, per your insurance.

We strive to keep our practice small and offer a higher level of individualized care for our patients. Your insurance company will be billed for the standard billing with which we are contracted.