How to contact doctor Mandi after Office Hours?

  1. If there is a medical emergency, please call 911.
  2. Dr. Mandi is directly available to her patients during office hours on weekdays.
  3. During after hours and on weekends, for urgent medical needs, please call us at 503-238-8388. The answering service will page Dr.Mandi or one of the on-call covering physicians or nurses. Please save all non-urgent questions for the next business day.
  4. After paging Dr. Mandi, please have your phone available till you receive a call back. If you have call-block on your phone, then we maybe unable to reach you. You can unblock it by dialing *87 on your phone.
  5. When Dr. Mandi is out of town or unavailable, there will be an on-call physician for your urgent medical needs.

On weekends, the best center for Pediatric Urgent care is:

  • Pediatric Urgent Care
    11790 SW Barnes Road, Suite 140
    Portland, OR 97225.
  • Providence Urgent care
    18610 NW Cornell Road #101
    Beaverton, OR 97124.